Thursday, October 17, 2013



As you can notice the weather is getting mad and it looks like summer is coming instead of autumn. If we are watching the tv the news are people are having sun baths at the beach because the temperature is higher than 30ยบ C.

But we listen the same comentary every year, so it means that it isn´t so strange that along the October and only along the day if it is a sunny day we can enjoy a fantastic day. Anyway don´t forget that in the morning and in the evening the temperatures are going to get down quite a lot.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

brais vieites


Izenburua: Hildakoen etxea  
Idazlea: Josh Dawes

Josh, anaia, aita eta Amanda dira pertsonaia nagusiak. Istorioa etxe batean gertatzen da eta 1 990. urtean gertatu zen.

Amanda eta Josh etxe berri batera aldatu dira. Oso etxe estrainioa iruditzen zaie. Fantasmaren  bat ote du? Eta Dark Fallseko herria ere oso arraroa da.
Baina gurasoek ez diete sinisten. ´´Etsiko duzue emen´´´, esaten dute. ´´Adiskide berriak egingo dituzue.´´
Eta egia: egingo dituzte adiskideak, baina ez gurasoek uste bezalako adiskideak. Adiskide hauek….eternitate guztirako dira.

IRITZIA: Oso polita iruditu zait. Errekomendatzn dizuet liburu hau irakurtzea. Abenturak ere oso dibertigarriak direlako eta pertsonak ere.

BRAIS                                        6D1

Friday, September 20, 2013


            Cartel anunciador de las fiestas galdakoztarras 2013. 

As you can see this week has been very special for the citizens of Galdakao. Along this time there are different activities for all kind of ages at diverse places in the town.

You can listen from clasical music to heavy metal. You can see basketball or football You can eat food prepared as special food contests. You can take part at different games, and so on.

You can take part as a team and you get points that when this celebration finishes are taken into account to name the first, second of third team and give you money, depending on the position.

So as this weekend is going to be the last one, 

ENJOY YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


As you know this football team was created because of the commercial relations due to the iron that we sent by ship to England. They imported the sport that they played there and that´s why Athletic Club of Bilbao has got a part of its name in English.

And this is why it is the oldest football team in Spain.

Even our typical Aliron! Aliron! Athletic the winner!! comes from English. When the workers in the mines founded iron they knew that they earned much more money and very happily they started shouting : All iron! All iron! , very happily. And this shouting became a way of show happiness at different events.

Friday, September 6, 2013

We hope that this blog is going to be an useful tool to improve your ENGLISH and that so many students help us feeding it.